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Political research

Since volunteering for my first campaign in 1976, I've been able to supplement what I learned in the college classroom as a political science major with a wide variety of practical experience. I've stuffed envelopes, phone-banked, door-knocked and fundraised. I've done political newsletters and political blogs, attended county party meetings and state party conventions, and I've found myself back in the classroom for more political training sessions than I care to remember.

The institution of Congress is a particular interest of mine. I've interned in a congressional office on Capitol Hill, was a research assistant at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society for five years, and I've spent countless hours combing through years of congressional office files for a biography of a former congressman that I'm writing.

In 2006 and 2008 I put my research skills to use in a political campaign for the first time, serving as researcher for two runs for Congress by progressive Democrat John Laesch (IL-14). I've also helped out as a researcher on state legislative races and local advocacy campaigns in the years since.

I understand the role good research can play in helping electoral and advocacy campaigns make their strongest showing. Whether you need someone to do your opposition research, to research your own candidate (so you can anticipate the weaknesses your opponent is most likely to try to exploit), or lend a hand with issue/policy research, I can help.

See also:

Emily Heil, "Under the Dome: Hastert's Great Listening Skills," The Hill, 11 October 2006.

Samples of my oppo research deployed in blog post form:

"The Non-Denial Denial: Kathleen Matthews and Marriott's Government Affairs," Down with Tyranny!, 25 March 2016.

"Kathleen Matthews: AKA Kathy Cunningham, Republican Political Operative," Down with Tyranny!, 8 February 2016.

"IL-14: Bill Foster and ETC," Originally posted at Fireside 14 and Daily Kos, 4 February 2008.

"Denny's Double Dealing: Hastert and the Gaming Industry," Originally posted at Fireside 14 and Daily Kos, 2 November 2006.
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